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Best of Season 1: Music

Music that was featured in Season 1 of Skagit Storytellers.

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Enjoy these songs! Here are the creators names. Show up at their gigs, say hi, support them!

Shane Gildnes from Fanny Alger
Charlie Krengel from Cory Vincent & the Electric Band and Friends for the Ghost
Selena Mac from Dangerous Curves and Cats Like Us (she also plays solo!)
Zach Michaud
Michael Dayvid
Aida Miller
Cascade Cody
Sandy Rowe
Cory Vincent (& The Electric Band)
Shane Gildnes from Fanny Alger
Zach Michaud
Conrad Gruener
Cory Vincent (& The Electric Band)
Wes Jones from Friends for the Ghost, Lazy Acres and he also plays solo!
Dain Norman (& The Chrysalis Effect. He also plays solo)
Jack Mattingly from Nurhachi and the Warthogs
Miguel Garibay from Pretty Much Nothing, Cats Like Us and a new project that I'm so excited about. Stay tuned 🙂
Zach Michaud (No typo. He's on here 3x)

Be safe, be of use, and go do something hard.

Love music? Go to Washingtonesrecords.com and score some sweet merch, cool tunes and support locals following their passion.

Love my intro song and my logo? Check out Clay Work. He is incredibly talented. He also hosts Trivia at Lyman Tavern on Tuesdays, and at District Brewing on Wednesdays. 

Send me a message through our IG account: Skagit Storytellers. If you have a question, maybe I'll answer it in my intro, or if you have a comment, maybe I'll mention that too.

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