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Boundaries Why You Need Them and How to Set Them

Tools and Strategies For Parenting & Relationships

Season 1, episode 11
50 min / Published

Parents, you're gonna love this!

This week’s episode is filled with so many nuggets on parenting and how to hold boundaries with our kids. You will walk away from this episode a more equipped parent and human being.

Our guest today is Rosemary Clark, a parenting coach with a unique insight and she's here to teach us how to love our parenting, how to set boundaries and be ourselves.

We’ve all had that moment where we let our emotions get the best of us and out of frustration yelled at our kids or said something hurtful, watched that kid’s face fall and immediately be flooded with feelings of regret. 

We've all been there and today, we learn the tools to prevent that from happening. 

In this episode, we learn how foundational our likes and dislikes are to our boundaries and why we must first hold space for ourselves before we can be there for our loved ones. 

We discuss how as parents, we are guides and coaches to our kids and the importance of giving the kids the tools they need to function effectively throughout life. 

We learn practical tips on how we can turn a tantrum into a powerful life lesson, how to find a beautiful middle ground between being a permissive and authoritarian parent. We learn how to safely hold space for ourselves as parents while allowing our kids and others to be themselves.

We learn the importance of making decisions from a place of trust and self-belief instead of fear and how to teach the kids the same.

You will learn about a powerful parenting model that completely turns everything around and leads to not only becoming a better parent but to living a life that is authentically yours.

Remember, you cannot pour clean water from an empty, dirty, or disorganized cup. 

Join us today in this episode to learn all the tips and tricks to setting those parenting boundaries and becoming a more effective parent. 

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  • About Rosemary [00:01:25]
  • The 'Language of Listening' Parenting Model [00:03:29]
  • Three Steps To Raising Kids With The Model [00:06:53]
  • Strength vs Praise and Why Strength is More Powerful [ 00:12:49]
  • Implementing The Model With Adults[00:17:05]
  • Strategy For Discovering Your Boundaries[00:19:35]
  • How The Model & Tools Can Break Enmeshment in Marriage & Relationships [00:22:19]
  • Navigating & Creating Boundaries If You Have Childhood Trauma [00:29:27]
  • Is It Too Late to Reparent Yourself or Your Child [00:37:39]
  • What Your Mom-Guilt Over Yelling Says About You And What To Do About It [00:42:18]
  • How to Connect with Rosemary [00:46:18]
  • Parenting & Community[00:47:17 ]



About the Rosemary:

After burning out at work, in therapy, Rose learned that she had had a highly abusive childhood. Her need to push herself SO HARD was rooted in trying to earn something that seemed out of reach her whole life - feeling her parents' love. When Rose became a mom, it magnified her insecurities, and started triggering UNSHED TEARS and UNEXPRESSED ANGER. She felt she had 2 CHOICES… Fall into the abyss of repeating what her parents did, or learn completely new ways of relating. Rose will forever be grateful that she stumbled upon Language of Listening® A parenting model that not only allowed her to become the mom she always wanted to be, but also allowed her to re-parent herself. Now, as an Authorized Language of Listening® coach, she specializes in helping moms who had difficult childhoods and gets them to a place where they LOVE the way they parent...

Authorized Language of Listening® parenting coach Rosemary Clark lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. She has been an entrepreneur off and on since the age of 14. As a coach, she supports moms to heal from childhood trauma, transform the overwhelming emotions of motherhood into powerful messages to get their deepest Needs met, and ultimately get to a place where they LOVE the Way They Parent!  

About Veronika & The Biz Essentials:

Are you struggling to get your business off the ground? Do you feel defeated, personally or professionally? The Biz Essentials Podcast is here to help! Host Veronika Childs has overcome some of life’s greatest challenges. From starting a business, to overcoming childhood trauma, extreme weight loss, a cancer-scare, and battling imposter syndrome. Through she struggles she hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams! On the Biz Essentials Podcast, Veronika will teach you how she was able to start living for adventure, rather than fear and self-doubt. She shares her own advice in building a business, as well as bringing on guests who are experts in their fields. The Biz Essentials Podcast is here to inspire and direct your path to a brighter future. Have a question, or want to be featured on the show? Reach out for ways to get connected today!

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