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Can God TRULY be enough? with Erica Wiggenhorn

why not being enough is the best possible news

Season 5, episode 106
57 min / Published

Episode 106 - Stephanie welcomes Erica Wiggenhorn, bestselling Bible Study author, national speaker, and now releasing her brand new book, Letting God be enough. So, with that kind of book title, you can certainly expect a vulnerable conversation about self-introspection, daring to look at what’s inside our hearts—the good, the bad and the ugly! What can we learn about our heavenly Father to overcome our fear of failure and inadequacy?

Erica and Stephanie are close friends, and this conversation will probably feel like you’re joining two friends over for coffee. We talk about our hearts, our sinfulness, and our desperate hunger for God.

Do you feel like you’re missing out on some secret other people know? Do you wonder why their faith seems so strong? Are you curious about how they find success around every corner, or their marriage seems so happy? Do you wonder how they’re such good parents, or have such successful careers?

It’s easy to feel like things fall into place so easily for others while you’re striving hard to keep life from falling apart. In a world where “never enough” is the norm, what do you do with those feelings of inadequacy? Do you strive more or expect less? And how does God fit into the equation?

What are you afraid of, that you are hiding deep inside yourself and not dare to talk about? Erica shares a profound and hilarious story about finding dead lizards in her son’s bedroom and compels us to ask: What are the squashed Lizzies that you have hidden in your spirit sock drawer? Only one way to find out.

Have you ever felt that you were not enough? That you were a fake? That if people knew you, they would discover that you are not as amazing as they think you are? Are you afraid to reveal that you don’t have it as together as you’ve been portraying? So today, we talk about imposter syndrome, about the fear to be “found out” as insufficient.

God teaches us not to seek approval of our perceptions, but of Himself. Erica dives into the meaning of God's love and acceptance, and it might just transform your relationship with your Father who delights in you so powerfully, and has provided all you need for approval and acceptance.


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Erica Wiggenhorn writes Bible studies and teaches biblical principles for life change. She’s passionate about God’s Word and its ability to transform us personally, along with our relationships. Her latest release by Moody Publishers: Unexplainable Jesus: Rediscovering the God You Thought You Knew, will release in 2019, with an optional DVD teaching series to accompany the study! This study delves into Luke’s Gospel, painting a vivid picture of the culture and customs of Jesus’ day — following Him into a life unimaginable.

Moody Publishers also released The Unexplainable Church and An Unexplainable Life. These expository studies take the reader verse by verse through the entire story of Acts, exploring the incredible life transformation that occurred in the earliest believers. With a personable and practical style, Erica teaches these studies and other biblical, life-related topics to groups in the United States and overseas.

Erica has volunteered as a teacher for Alongside Ministries, a group working with the incarcerated community learning to walk with Christ after release from prison. She has also worked as a children’s ministry director, and as an elementary teacher. Before this, she graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a double major in Political Science and Business Administration. She also earned an M.A. in Language Acquisition and Development.

Erica lives in Phoenix with her husband, Jonathan, and children, Eliana and Nathan. They attend Desert Springs Community Church, where Erica volunteers with the Charis Women’s Ministry, teaching and serving on its leadership team. Of all the ways Erica spends her time, her most important work is that of wife and mom! Contact a member of the Every Life Ministries team about connecting with Erica at ContactEveryLifeMinistries@gmail.com.

You will find Erica at https://ericawiggenhorn.com/


Letting God Be Enough is a modern book for tackling an age-old problem, resting in God when life doesn’t make sense. You no longer have to strive, compare, or appease others to secure your worth. Instead, you can let a loving God be enough.

As a Christian woman who has battled self-doubt for decades, Erica is able to speak to these topics with empathy, grace, and truth. Take advantage of special pre-order bonuses that will end on September 7, 2021.

Pre-order Bonuses


A FREE digital Bible Study Book and Leader’s Guide on the Life of Moses entitled “My God Fights For Me” and a coupon for 20% off your entire order from EllyandGrace.


All of the above PLUS access to exclusive teaching content:

Letting God Be Enough in a Lonely Marriage by Dr. Juli Slattery, founder of Authentic Intimacy, author of numerous books and resources, and nationally known expert on identity and relationships. Juli is also the host of the Java with Juli podcast.

Letting God Be Enough in Our Friendships by Kelly Needham, author of Friendish: Reclaiming True Friendship in a Culture of Confusion

Letting God Be Enough in Disappointment and Devastation by Kim Erickson, Bible teacher and author of Surviving Sorrow

Letting God Be Enough in our Dreams for our Future by Shannon Popkin, national speaker and author of Control Girl and Comparison Girl.

Praying Prayers of Surrender by Asheritah Ciuciu, Prayers of REST podcaster and author of He Is Enough bible study, and Unwrapping the Names of Jesus

The first 50 people to pre-order 3 copies will also receive a free BRAVE necklace!


All of the above, PLUS A private Q&A Session with Erica Wiggenhorn, on her study and writing process behind the book along with her spiritual journey that led me to write it

Entry into a raffle to receive a $200 NoonDay shopping spree

The first 50 people to pre-order 10 copies will also receive a free “Jesus is Enough” EllyandGrace t-shirt!

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