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Can You Dig It ?! #04

2 hr 15 min / Published

Protest and revolutionary songs

Playlist :
Bob Dylan - Master of war
F.J McMahan - The Spirit of golden juice
Andre Tanker - Back Home
Gérard Nerplat - Prix a pain la
Elis Regina e Zimbo Trio - Zambi
Zelia Barbosa - Opinao
The John Handy Quintet - Theme X
Joe Henderson - Power to the people
Colette Magny - Djoutche
Franck Foster - The loud minority
Gary Bartz NTU Troop - Drinking song
Masekela - Mace and grenades
Groupement culturel Renault - Cadences 1 (extrait compilation "Par les damné-e-s de la terre")
The Isley Brothers - Ohio
Eugene MC Daniels - Unspoken dreams of light
Larry Saunders - Ball of confusion
Fontella Bass - Freedom
Labelle - Something in the air / The revolution will not be televised
Pedro Bello y Grupo Escorpion - Revelucion
Sonny Okosuns - Powet to the people
Duke - Freedom in africa
Hugh Mundell - Run Revolution a come
The Last Poets - Understand what black is
Black Belt Symphony - Brotherman


  • politics
  • world
  • soul
  • jazz
  • spoken word

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