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Captains πŸ›³ , Pilots πŸ›©, and Schools 🏫 of Empowerment πŸ’ͺ

Season 1, episode 4
1 hr / Published

What are ways that we can be empowered?

Is there a school for that?

What are the Three Alternative Schools of Empowerment?

How are Captains and Pilots similar?Β 

Our lives are precious, because we only have a limited amount of time here on the earth. We need to be mindful of who and what we are, to experience and to enjoy life. πŸ•°

It is said that as we sow, we shall reap and if we sow a wasted life, as William Shakespeare mentions, life will waste us! So be here, in the present moment, learn the lessons from the past, and move forward to tomorrow, the future.πŸ’‘

It is good for people to take time to think, consider and reflect on their life. We should do this to see if we going a good direction or not. By doing this, we can make adjustments and a course correction if needed. πŸ—Ί

Both Captains and Pilots are in charge of their transportation machine. We are the captain of our own life. We are the pilot of our own plane. We venture out in the air or seas of life, and we can have people who help us on our own life journey. All of this, is up to you. Take charge! πŸ›©πŸ›³

The things that are inside of us, are in our control. The things outside of us, is out of our control. Inside of exists so much. πŸ™

For in each of us, there is Purpose, Potential and Freewill. If you do not take control of your life, many times, people will try to control you. It is an ongoing battle. People will resist you or try to stop you when you do life different than everyone else.🎯

As we seek to be empowered, don't forget to empower others. Let us become better every single day even if it is a small improvement. To be empowered, we must continue to learn and grow. Continue your education, and this doesn't only mean formal education. There are other ways you can learn.

In this episode, I introduce three Alternative Education Schools of Empowerment. 1. The Institute of Past Life Lessons: History of Nations and People 2. The College of Hard Knocks: Teachings of our own past failures 3. School of Observation: Continued learning through mindful consideration No matter where you get an education, learn and grow. Be empowered. There is so much within you and it is up to you to decide what you will do with yourself. Do it for yourself, for God and for good. ===============================

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A podcast by Patrick Dailey
Empowering People
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