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Chiropractic Beyond Back Pain: Exploring Wellness with Dr. Samuel Zoranovich

Season 2, episode 3
59 min / Published

Janel has a fascinating conversation with Dr. Sam Z - a Chiropractor who works to help clients feel at home in their bodies, rest and heal from the past, and feel like themselves again. Dr. Z shares their diverse background in various healing modalities and their ability to communicate in different metaphorical frameworks. They emphasize the interconnectedness of the mind and body, aiming to bridge logic, science, spirituality, and energy in their practice. The conversation explores the misconceptions surrounding chiropractic care and its purpose beyond back pain relief. Dr. Z discusses the origins of chiropractic and its focus on improving nervous system communication for overall wellness. They also share their passion for working with trauma survivors and their intention to create a healing space for the queer and neurodivergent communities. The discussion delves into the connections between queerness and neurodiversity, as well as the current challenges faced by the transgender community. Dr. Z provides grounding techniques for coping with stress and trauma and emphasizes the importance of individual customization. They also address working with hypermobile patients and the importance of adapting techniques to meet their needs. The conversation concludes with Dr. Z discussing the challenges faced by neurodivergent individuals and the need for accommodations in various environments. They share a message about the non-linear healing process and the importance of both subjective and objective measures of progress.


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Show notes

1:27 - Dr. Sam talks about how and why he expanded his healing practice to include chiropractic medicine.

4:50 - How working on your mind can affect your body and vice versa.

7:15 - Dr. Sam’s beef with Rene Descartes.

12:44 - Dr. Sam explains why some people are afraid of Chiropractors and how the AMA actively worked to give Chiropractic medicine a bad reputation. 

21:58 - Janel gets some Chiropractic history, including the fact that there was some circumstantial evidence that people under Chiropractic care fared better in the 1918 flu pandemic. 

29:05 - How physical and neurological variation is actually the norm, that “average” is an aggregate that nobody fits perfectly. 

32:58 - Discussion of the current legal attacks on the trans community and how they are essentially based in fundamental disbelief in the sincere existence of gender dysphoria. 

35:41 - Janel asks for an exercise that people can do to help re-ground and comfort themselves and Dr. Sam demonstrates one example and discusses some other options.

49:00 - Dr. Sam talks about what to look for or ask for to find a practitioner like him, who will adapt their practice to any sensitivities or variations of each patient. 

54:19 - Healing is not a linear process. 

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