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Debt / Cheese / Lead Paint

Unveiling the Truth: Lead Paint, Radiation, and Therapy

Season 2, episode 6
49 min / Published

In this podcast episode, PB, Johnny V. & Producer J engage in a multifaceted discussion that touches on work, generational perspectives, food, and financial responsibility. They share personal stories, such as  experience with house flipping and the nuances of good versus bad debt. The conversation also veers into the effects of lead paint, therapy visits, and family life. Additionally, they explore broader topics like the concept of time, historical calendars, and the impact of COVID-19 on society, including government response and the resulting fear. The episode is a blend of humor, personal anecdotes, and commentary on societal issues.

Show notes

CHapters / timestamps

The first job (00:00:36)
The guys discuss the challenges of commuting to their first full-time job after college.

Generational differences (00:01:25)
The guys compare different generations' work ethic and attitudes towards work.

Food and cooking anecdotes (00:03:23)
The guys share stories about making charcuterie boards, meat sweats, and favorite food experiences.

ASMR and food habits (00:07:12)
The guys discuss ASMR, food habits, and dislikes related to eating sounds.

Student loans and debt (00:11:17)
The guys talk about student loans, military benefits, and their views on debt and financial management.

Real estate and good debt (00:13:12)
The guys discuss real estate investment, negotiation, and the concept of "good debt."

Real estate investment (00:13:51)
The guys share a story of purchasing a house and discuss good and bad debt.

Native American financial practices (00:14:52)
The guys talk about the financial practices of Native Americans and share personal experiences with buying and selling a mobile home.

Debt and financial habits (00:16:51)
The guys discuss the majority of Americans' material debt, inflation, and personal anecdotes about their children's eating habits.

Lead paint and therapy (00:19:15)
The guys talk about lead paint, theories about its benefits, and segue into a discussion about therapy.

Therapist stories and TV show references (00:20:28)
The guys share experiences with therapists and reference TV shows, including "Always Sunny."

Nostalgia and gaming (00:24:50)
The guys reminisce about sleepovers, Nintendo 64, and discuss the gaming industry, including Disney's investment in Fortnite.

Calendar and zodiac discussion (00:26:38)
The guys discuss historical calendars, lunar months, and zodiac signs, including the Jewish calendar.

The calendar and time change (00:27:58)
The guys talk about the 13 zodiac signs, moon phases, and the history of time change.

Government advice and smoking (00:30:34)
The guys express skepticism about government advice and have a casual conversation about smoking.

Food control and corporations (00:32:49)
The guys discuss the control of the food industry by a few corporations and their distrust in the government.

Chemical on produce and prepping (00:34:05)
The guys talk about the chemical "appeal" on produce and prepping for emergencies.

Impact of COVID-19 and government control (00:36:56)
The guys share personal experiences and opinions on the government's handling of COVID-19 and its impact on society.

Historic American events and skepticism (00:41:36)
The guys compare the impact of COVID-19 to historic events and express skepticism about government actions.

Pfizer commercial (00:42:12)
The guys mention a Pfizer commercial during the Super Bowl and its message.

The biblical prophecy (00:42:21)
The guys discuss biblical prophecies, pestilences, wars, and rumors of wars.

Potential attack on American soil (00:43:01)
The guys speculate about a potential attack on American soil and the significance of the timing of the attack.

Impact of a potential attack (00:44:15)
The guys consider the impact of an attack on significant American holidays and the potential consequences.

Opinion piece on the 2020 election (00:46:02)
The guys discuss an opinion piece claiming Trump likely won the 2020 election and alleged voter fraud.

Potential war and preparation (00:47:58)
The guys speculate about potential consequences of election outcomes and the need for preparedness.

Closing remarks (00:49:20)
The guys offer farewell and closing remarks.

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