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Defining Sales Enablement: Increasing Salesforce Efficiency and Effectiveness

26 min / Published

On this episode, "Defining Sales Enablement: Increasing Salesforce Efficiency and Effectiveness" I talk to John Raguin, CMO at Seismic Software.  "Sales Enablement" is a now a very mainstream category, almost table stakes for B2B companies but this wasn't the case just four years ago.  I ask John how Seismic sees that.   Oh, it's unbelievable The growth. So over, it's exactly like you said, over the last four years, we've essentially had, we went... if you looked at LinkedIn, just on job titles, just looking at job titles, you'd find that there was 188-80% increase in LinkedIn search results for sales enablement, where people were searching in LinkedIn. And then 118% increase just in the last two years of people with sales enablement in their job titles. And the astounding part we even saw further, is that there are just about as many people with job titles that have sales enablement in it as there are open job wrecks. So that really tells you that sales enablement has... that's one of many statistics that is important in looking at how sales enablement has become such a big thing and importance to organizations. But I also ask John what is sales enablement? What does it encompass? When companies see it, what are the functions they should be thinking about? Listen in to find out this and a lot more.  The full transcript will be also be on our blog on Monday, 5/6 starting at 6am pst.  

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