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Diana Speaks about Denial.

My tribute to Bataclan attack: 131st victim is recognized as PTSD.

21 min / Published November 7, 2020
By Diana

Accepting to be traumatized is not simple. The first time that I heard the word "traumatisée" was one year and a half later than the unexpected events. I did not know much about PTSD. I did not consider that PTSD could apply to civilians or other than combat veterans and sexual assaults. I had the first symptoms like panic attack, hypervigilance and anxiety/anger outburst/sleep burnout months later. As I refer in the episode #2 The Joke, there were no tragedy; to be frank, in my head, that event was not relevant. What if I would have been caught in that other event of 13th November? Would I be here speaking?   

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Diana speaks.
A podcast by Diana
Despite to pain and struggling, trauma's benefits make you creative.

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