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Discovering Your Parenting WHY | FOP 4

...cause it all starts with "why".

Season 1, episode 1
25 min / Published

"Nothing you achieve in life will compensate for your failure as a parent."

We start off the season (which is all completed and on it's way), by talking about 'Discovering Your Parenting WHY'.

There's a ton going on in our lives here in my home right now--me being ill and seasonal bronchitis, my wife gone to be at the birth of my granddaughter...and my noble son, Simon is sitting at his grandfathers bedside upstairs, just in case he passes away.

UPDATE: Asia had the baby 12 minutes after this recording was completed. She is fine, her new daughter is fine, and my awesome son-in-law Kolby is also fine.

I guess what I'm trying to explain is--I'll do the best I can with whatever I have and whatever I'm going through...because this show and it's content is important.

YOU are important. Your FAMILY is important,...and I wasn't willing to wait any longer.

Find the full article on my blog here: https://jaimebuckley.com/discovering-your-parenting-why/

IF YOU ENJOYED THIS CONTENT---Think of two to three people who could benefit and share this with them.

If you want to comment, ask a question or give me feedback (good or bad, I appreciate feedback so I can improve how I get you the information) just use the contact form found at https://jaimebuckley.com/parents/

We also have a newsletter you might enjoy, which provides you with everything I do across all platforms--sent to you once a month (I hate newsletters--BUT it's the ONLY way to stay in touch if more big corp platforms decide to shut down little guys like me. It's for the cool parents, just so you know. You can sign up on the parenting page of my website, or just go to https://TheParentingList.com

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Jaime Buckley
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