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Do you know the power of what's in your hands? | with Geof Morin, CEO, Biblica

A Palm Sunday experience for the Covid-stricken

Season 4, episode 79
38 min / Published

Episode 79 - Geof Morin, CEO of Biblica, comes to us today as a Bible teacher to marvel at Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. Stephanie is delighted to bring you Geof's insights on Jesus' famous Triumphal Entry... on a little pony.

Geof challenges us to behold this event through an unusual lens, weaving your local DMV and Disney's Aladdin into a powerful question: do you know the power of what you are holding in your hand?

This question, so relevant on Palm Sunday about palm branches and the quest for freedom from oppression and hardship, is asked of us daily on this side of Covid. As the body of Christ, tasked by Him to love the world in His Name, do we know the power that we hold in our hands?

We transition to another powerful tool God has placed in our hands, alongside the responsibility of stewarding it well: His very own Word. As recipients of Scripture, we are tasked with spreading His life-giving message to the world, to every tribe and people and nation in their own language. Stephanie is French, and understands the importance of reading in her native tongue! Geof tells us about Biblica's God-inspired, awe-inspiring vision to place a Bible in every hand--in every language.

Geof shares his encounters with the Covid-stricken, and their questions: God, can You be good? God, can You be fair? God, how will You make sense of this for me?

While the Gospel Spice Podcast present in 70 countries on all continents, most of our  audience listens from a first-world perspective, where the challenges of Covid, real and deep as they may be, are not as radical as the extreme circumstances of most who do not have the buffer of first-world conveniences. How then shall we live? Geof challenges us in the famous words of Francis of Assisi to "preach the gospel, and occasionally use words." Christian organizations have moved towards relief and rescue this past year. Geof shares the transforming experience of beholding the power of a worn Bible in a refugee's life, and the lesson he learned from this humble believer.

So, what can we do? Geof challenges us to discover where God is calling us to pray, intervene, invest, become involved, and inform others. It's both highly spiritual, and deeply practical.

Geof unveils for us the stunning work of IllumiNations, aiming to translate the Bible in EVERY language--all 7,000+ of them-- by the year 2033. This work is going on right now, and we can all be part of it! Ten of the largest Bible-translating organizations, such as Biblica, are pooling resources to combat Bible poverty. This is a deep injustice to the world, that every language should not yet have its own Bible translation. It is happening,  a tapestry of God's weaving words into His Word--for every tribe and tongue and nation. Go to illuminations.bible to find out more today! God is making His magic happen. You do NOT want to miss it.

Geof shares about Biblica's vision of radical generosity in our generation so we can serve the next generation! It is radical, it is generous--it is straight from the heart of God, flowing from the Throne Room into our world today. Will you join the Kingdom movement in our world today?

Be informed. Be interceding. Be involved. Be influencing. Become the person that God created you to be through serving this world, the world He has loved to the end of Himself on the Cross.

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Watch Geof Morin on The Truth Worth Sharing


For our Easter 2021 Episode, we welcome Liz Curtis Higgs. She will tell us about Easter from a very unique perspective... through the eyes of Mary of Bethany, who anointed Jesus with perfume on the eve of Palm Sunday! He probably still carried the aroma of her worship on His feet and head even as He rode into Jerusalem on that little pony Geof just told us about.

Liz is giving away a copy of her book, The Women of Easter. Go to gospelspice.com/giveaway to enter for a chance to win!

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