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Dr. Voice

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Finding Your Voice, Building Your Sound Track with Dr. Voice

Why is finding our true voice so important?

You might think that you know what you sound like, but be careful. So much of what we say, and more importantly how we say it, is based on other people.

From the very beginning we take our voice from our parents, the way they say things, their mannerisms and diction. We take that for our own and create a character which becomes our identity.

Then, as we move through life, the focus shifts. Instead of copying what we hear, we become obsessed with what other people think of us. Whether we are speaking at a public event, leading a meeting or just meeting someone for the first time, we are constantly self-correcting, adjusting, trying to adapt to what we hope other people's expectations of us are. We lose our true voice among all of the background noise in our mind.

How does that impact our personality? If we cannot trust ourselves to be ourselves, always responding to other people's perception, it can lead us to deep insecurity.

That's why reconnecting with your true voice is such a powerful tool in energizing your personality and driving towards success. It's genuine, it's truthful, it's sincere. It's a vibrational wave of positive energy, and people can pick up on that.

Think of the world's great orators and public speakers. When they're on stage they seem totally in their element, passionate and empowered. They know who they are and where they're going. And you can too. 

Start small, and exponent yourself.


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