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Embrace brokenness & experience wholeness in Christ | with Laney Rene

Walking through brokenness and finding hope in God's unfailing love

Season 13, episode 277
37 min / Published

Step into a journey of brokenness, healing, and hope with Laney Rene as she shares her powerful story with you and me this week! Laney beautifully articulates her struggles with questioning God's healing and how God redeemed her belief in it. Her story displays the profound ways in which God uses pain and suffering to exhibit His glory and grace.

She tells us about her transformative encounters with God and how she felt His presence redefining her identity and value through pivotal life moments. Her vulnerability encourages me to seek such transformative experiences with my precious King! She emphasizes the importance of shifting from a performance-centered life to a grace-centered one, encouraging us to find refuge in God and derive confidence from our relationship with Him.

Our conversation touches on the theme of finding wholeness and redemption amidst brokenness, mirrored by Laney's experiences of peace and joy even in the face of loss and pain. Laney expresses her heartfelt prayer for her daughter to inherit her lessons without enduring the same pain. The power of a mother's prayer is truly inspiring! We talk about fatherhood, earthly relationships, and the beauty of finding redemption and healing despite challenging circumstances. Laney's story exemplifies the resilience and hope captured in 2nd Corinthians 4:8—being hard-pressed but not crushed. It's a testament to the enduring power of faith and the unwavering love of God.

Here are some of my personal takeaways from this conversation; they focus on Laney’s message about the importance of hope, community, prayer, personal transformation, and seeking intimacy with God as foundational principles for living a purposeful and grace-filled life. I am sharing as many as I could think of, hoping a couple of them will really speak to you!

-          Believe in hope even in moments of perplexity and lack of understanding.

-          Embrace the truth that God can redeem and restore belief in healing, even in the face of doubt and questioning.

-          Recognize that God uses our pain and suffering to display His glory and extends grace based on our needs.

-          Find strength and wisdom in the community of believers, learning from each other's journeys and experiences.

-          Extend blessings and prayers of grace over relationships, seeking God's love and healing for others.

-          Embrace personal life experiences, as they can be transformative and lead to encounters with God's presence and grace.

-          Look for moments where God redefines identity and value, recognizing the transforming power of His love.

-          Emphasize internal transformation by seeking God's presence, despite outward appearances or circumstances.

-          Share prayers of love and healing for women in different seasons of life, asking for peace, health, and the understanding of being God's beloved daughters.

-          Seek to understand and share personal stories, acknowledging that everyone has a unique relationship with their earthly father.

-          Recognize that God can redeem and heal any story, regardless of the influence of our earthly fathers.

-          Embrace the journey of shifting from a performance-focused mindset to a grace-filled lifestyle, letting go of perfectionism and striving.

-          Find refuge and confidence in a relationship with God rather than in following specific steps or formulas.

-          Embrace the posture of a child seeking intimacy with God, recognizing the pure trust and love in being His child.


Laney is a wife, mom, and founder of The One He Loves, a ministry which exists so every woman can be refreshed, encouraged, and reminded of Jesus’ loving-kindness toward them. Laney is known for sharing the goodness of Jesus in a way that is not just inviting but also captivating. After walking through a painful season and into a redemption story only Jesus could come up with, Laney couldn’t keep the good news to herself. Today, as a worship artist, author, and speaker, Laney continues to find creative ways to share the heart of Jesus with everyone she can!



From the book: “The truth is, though you may not feel like it now, you’re in a beautiful place. Whether it’s for the first time or whether it’s for the hundredth time, it’s never a bad idea to ask your Father, to ask Jesus, to remind you who you are.”

Drawing from relevant scripture and not shying away from the hard questions—or pretending she has all the answers— Laney shares the experiences that have shaped her into who she is today.

“My hope for you — no matter what stage or season of life you’re in, no matter your upbringing or background — is that the words in this book would refresh your soul.” – Laney

This book provides a picture of the Father’s faithfulness and deep love for every Daughter. It is an invitation to receive a God-given identity, to walk in the inheritance of who you already are.


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