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EMP / Prepping / Collapse

Lights Out: Navigating a National Power Outage & Surviving the Storm

Season 2, episode 7
44 min / Published

In this podcast episode, Johnny V, PB & Producer J delve into the critical topic of disaster preparedness, focusing on scenarios like an EMP attack or a national power outage. They explore the possible collapse of society and emphasize the necessity of being ready with supplies, communication strategies, and self-defense means to safeguard one's family. Additionally, they highlight the significance of assisting others during crises and share insights from books, personal anecdotes, and pragmatic approaches to preparing for such emergencies.

Show notes

Chapters / Timestamps

The introduction (00:00:00)
Initial informal conversation and introduction to the podcast.

Discussion on EMPs and societal breakdown (00:02:29)
Exploration of the potential impact of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) on the power grid and societal breakdown.

Reading and discussion of the book "One Second After" (00:03:53)
Discussion of the book "One Second After" and its portrayal of societal breakdown and the need for preparation.

Preparations and societal breakdown scenarios (00:05:15)
Exploration of practical preparations for potential emergencies and societal breakdown scenarios.

Importance of being prepared and potential societal breakdown (00:08:00)
Discussion of the importance of being prepared for potential societal breakdown and the need to take care of one's family.

Discussion on the need to be a help to others in times of crisis (00:12:38)
Exploration of the need to be a help to others in times of crisis and the ethical considerations in emergency situations.

Practical advice and scenarios for the first 72 hours of a disaster (00:16:43)
Practical advice and scenarios for the first 72 hours of a disaster, including decisions on sheltering in place or bugging out, and the importance of communication and preparation.

Discussion on preparedness and establishing a communications network (00:21:03)
Discussion on the importance of preparedness, establishing a communications network, and the use of ham radios and GMRS communication.

Radios and Communication (00:22:03)
Discussion about purchasing and using radios for communication, including range and capabilities.

Emergency Preparedness (00:23:00)
Importance of carrying emergency gear, such as tourniquets and firearms, for potential crisis situations.

Ham Radio and Emergency Communication (00:24:52)
The significance of ham radios for emergency communication and the need for familiarity with their use.

Preparedness Class and Bugout Bag (00:27:32)
Importance of attending preparedness classes and the significance of bugout bags for emergency situations.

Balancing Preparedness and Fear Mongering (00:28:03)
Discussion on finding a balance between being prepared for emergencies without succumbing to fear mongering.

Bartering and Tangible Assets (00:30:03)
The importance of bartering and having tangible assets for survival in a crisis situation.

EMP and Signs of Attack (00:31:32)
Discussion on the potential signs of an EMP attack and the impact on vehicles and power supply.

Evacuation and Route Planning (00:36:05)
Considerations for evacuation routes and the need for planning alternative travel paths.

Illegal Immigration and Border Issues (00:39:23)
Discussion on the influx of illegal immigrants and the impact on various US states.

Cuban Immigrant's Story (00:41:30)
A personal story shared by a Cuban immigrant about his family's journey to the US.

The Canadian Prime Minister's Story (00:42:08)
Speaker 6 shares a story about a Canadian man, Trudeau, who crossed the border to America legally and is working hard to make ends meet.

Challenges of Immigration (00:43:07)
Discussion on the difficulties faced by immigrants and the broken immigration system.

Border Control and Citizenship (00:43:22)
Speaker 6 expresses the need for a reformed immigration process and easier ways for the right people to come to America.

Joe Biden's Visit to the Texas Border (00:43:56)
Mention of Joe Biden's visit to the Texas border to talk to his constituents and illegal immigrants.

Conclusion of the Podcast (00:44:20)
The podcast concludes with a reminder to follow and tune in next time.

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Johnny V
Johnny V
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