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Ep 037 - Hand review AQ button with 3-bet before

Another hand scenario that several people provide…

31 min / Published

Another hand scenario that several people provided input on. (thanks to Steve Webb, Nick Krautkremer, Doug Behrens, Jason Root, Vic Swanson, Matt Hamilton, Steve Olson, Taylor Maas, Rob Washam, Mike Engelhaupt, Rocky Wylie, Chris Nelson, Brian Soja, Andy Kaplan, Hunter Cichy, Joe Barnard, and Mike Schneider). This one is also from Steve's trip to Vegas. WSOP Daily Deep Stack $235 tournament 1,200 entrants; 180 paid; 200 remaining 90,000 chip average with blinds at 500 / 2,000 / 4,000 UTG -- 25 year old pretty LAG (Loose Aggressive) makes is 11,000 from 110k stack Cut-off -- 50 year old TAG (Tight Aggressive) makes it 20,000 from 75k stack We are on the button with AQ suited and 80k stack #1) What is the correct pre-flop play? #2) What changes would cause you to take a different action (stack sizes, knowledge of players/types, our starting hand, tournament situation, etc)? #3) Any other considerations/insights?

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