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Ep 066 - AK in weird spot

This situation if from the Running Aces Avalanche…

38 min / Published

This situation if from the Running Aces Avalanche tournament submitted by Doug Behrens. It is broken down by Jonathan Little as well as host Steve Fredlund and other recreation players Steve Olson, Taylor Maas, and Rob Washam. 1.Level 6 of day 1, 12 levels played day 1 2. 58k chips, average 24k, blinds 50,200, 400 3. My table image TAG, table very TAG except 4. Villain seems LAG 65k 5. From hijack I raise 1100 w KsQc, Villain button calls, BB, calls 6. Flop 8s8cQh, BB checks, I bet 1800, Villain smooth calls, BB folds 7. Turn 8h, I bet 3000, Villain calls 8. River 3d, I bet 6000 Villain raises to 16000, I call 9. Villain shows 8d9s for quads to beat my boat

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