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Ep 142 - The Future of RecPoker

The RecPoker podcast has seen tremendous growth o…

38 min / Published

The RecPoker podcast has seen tremendous growth over the past year, thanks to our listeners, guests, and others who have been supporting and encouraging. What we are most excited about is our role in building the poker community, connecting recreational players who love to learn in a positive and encouraging environment; and now we want to do more of that. Host Steve Fredlund has built a dream team with seven other recreational players to lead the development and creation of content, interactive opportunities, and community-building to best serve our recreational audience. In this episode, you will hear the vision for the future of RecPoker and meet the core team of Steve Fredlund, Taylor Maas, Jake Mason, John Somsky, Stacey Nelson, Rob Washam, Chris Jones, and Shayan Bhattacharyya. This is also available on YouTube at https://youtu.be/uKRq1G5Jefs

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