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Ep 25: Benefits, detriments, stories, fun and memories of concerts

Concerts can help you live longer, be less stressed, and even reduce physical pain.

Season 1, episode 26
1 hr 55 min / Published July 31, 2019

Josh is on vacation yet again - but that doesn't mean that we have to stop.  This week Paul and Aaron invited one of their youth group kids along for the conversation as they talk about concerts.  People enjoy concerts - and from the number of videos online we see people are going to them non-stop.  But are concerts beneficial?  What about detriments from going to concerts?  If you go to heavy metal shows can you injure your brain from headbanging?  Also - why would a person take their child into a wall of death?  We discuss all of this and more while trying to figure out one question - are concerts overrated or not?

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