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Ep 299 - Chat: Year in Review since launch of rec.poker website

Our new website at rec.poker launched in July 202…

48 min / Published

Our new website at rec.poker launched in July 2020 and we wanted to celebrate by reviewing the past year in the RecPoker community. So much has happened in the past 12 months beyond the website and it is time to reflect! We are so often focused on looking forward and evaluating what is next, so it is important to look back and acknowledge that path that has been traveled. Everything we do is focused on community, which is evident as the team talks about our journey so far! The regular panel is joined by Mark Praschan, who many of you know as @websitemark in the home games; Mark is the owner of WebsiteAMP, a sponsor of the RecPoker podcast and a huge part of the development and growth of RecPoker. You can reach Mark through WebsiteAMP.com or just reach out to steve@rec.poker to make the connection.

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