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Epiphany: Embracing Christ's glory and manifestation

Exploring the Christological season of Epiphany

Season 13, episode 270
51 min / Published

As we enter a new year, I invite you to consider the feast of Epiphany as it calls for a deeper understanding of the manifestation of Christ's glory in our spiritual journey. A philosophy rooted in the meaning of Epiphany has profound implications in bringing light and knowledge of the glory of God in Christ Jesus.

Epiphany serves as an invitation to delight in the manifestation of God's glory through Christ. I invite you to experience the celebration of Epiphany in the Eastern and Western churches, highlighting the diverse ways in which Jesus reveals His glory to the world. This celebration commemorates pivotal events such as the arrival of the Magi, the baptism of Jesus, and the miraculous wedding at Cana, offering profound insights into the multifaceted manifestation of Jesus's glory.

NOTE | THIS EPISODE IS NOT PART OF THE WORKBOOK SERIES AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD. I created this episode after the workbooks were in production, as a bonus episode, and so, it is not reflected in your workbooks, which contain every other episode from our "Jesus Rabbi and Lord" series.

Here are 5 key things I hope you will take from our time together today:

1. Understanding the Christological nature of epiphanies and their relevance to our faith journey.

2. Exploring the celebration of Epiphany in Eastern and Western traditions, and the different ways Jesus manifests His glory to the world.

3. The historical and biblical significance of the Magi's visit, and why their worship of Jesus is a pivotal moment for both Gentiles and Israel.

4. Uncovering the deeper meaning of the wedding at Cana and its connection to spiritual growth and abundance in the Christian life.

5. Embracing the concept of waiting between epiphanies as a means to discover deeper trust in God.

Stephanie mentions the book Epiphany by Fleming Rutledge. You can find it HERE.

NOTE | THIS EPISODE IS NOT PART OF THE WORKBOOK SERIES AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD. Stephanie created this episode after the workbooks were in production, as a bonus episode, and so, it is not reflected in your workbooks, which contain every other episode from our "Jesus Rabbi and Lord" series.

Want more? Here are some of the topics we cover together today:

Jesus' Glory in Light and Darkness

Contrary to the belief that Christ's glory is confined to moments of transfiguration, His glory is ever-present, permeating through both light and darkness. Through the lens of John 1:1-14, I invite to recognize Christ's manifestation not only in moments of splendor but also during challenging times, even amidst the crucifixion. This profound insight prompts us to seek and cherish the epiphanies that illuminate Christ's glory in our everyday lives.

The Importance of Waiting Between Epiphanies

The concept of waiting between epiphanies offers a poignant reminder of the journey of faith. Together, we emphasize the value of learning to trust God more deeply, echoing the truth that the wait between epiphanies unveils spiritual growth and fortitude. This underscores the significance of patience and perseverance as we anticipate and appreciate the epiphanies that reveal the glory of Christ.

The Invitation to Delight in the Manifestation of God's Glory

John 1:1-14 is the quintessential Scripture passage encapsulating the essence of Christ's manifestation and glorification. The passage vividly describes the incarnation of the Word and the manifestation of God's glory through Christ, emblematic of the purpose that Epiphany serves in illuminating the magnificence of Christ.

Root of the Greek Word "Epiphany" and the Transfiguration Event

The Greek word "epiphany" originates from the idea of a sudden realization or manifestation. Scripture draws our attention to the ultimate epiphany - the transfiguration event, emphasizing its link to the concept of light and darkness in the gospel of John. This event is a powerful demonstration of Christ's glory and divinity, highlighting the transformative nature of epiphanies in illuminating God's presence in our lives.

Exploring the Traditions and Symbolism of Epiphany

Together, let us ponder the rich traditions surrounding Epiphany, as I share my personal experience within the Anglican Church, emphasizing the importance of learning from early Christian traditions and connecting with the roots of Christianity. There is much value in embracing the wisdom and traditions of our Christian ancestors!

The anticipation for deeper revelations and epiphanies about the beauty and power of Christ resonates deeply, leaving us with a profound sense of gratitude for the opportunity to partake in this transformative journey.

I hope and pray that our episode today will embolden you in your quest to discover and cherish the manifestation of Christ's glory in our lives, urging us to wait with hopeful hearts, aligning with the deeper trust in God's plan. As we embark on this spiritual odyssey, may the Epiphany season kindle an unyielding flame of faith, guiding us to behold the radiant manifestation of Christ's glory in every moment.


1/ Are you ready to dive into the heart of epiphanies, light, and divine manifestations? Join me as we explore the transcendent beauty of Christ Jesus in this captivating Twitter thread! 

2/ The Christological nature of epiphanies is simply awe-inspiring. From the profound root of the Greek word epiphany to the transfiguration event, we unveil how each epiphany brings forth knowledge and light of the glory of God in Christ Jesus.

3/ The celebration of Epiphany beckons us to witness the multifaceted ways in which Jesus manifests His glory to the world. From the Magi's homage to the miracles at the wedding of Cana, every event fuels our hearts with the radiant presence of Christ. 

4/ The theme of Epiphany is an invitation to delight in the glory of God as it is made manifest in Christ. It's a celebration that bridges Christmas to Easter and Pentecost with the central focus being the dazzling glory of Jesus Christ. 

5/ Beyond the celebration lies the essence of waiting between epiphanies. It is during this period that we discover deeper trust in God, and the beauty of patience as we anticipate the next stunning revelation of His love and grace. 

6/ As we seek these moments of divine epiphany, let's reflect on the splendor of John 1:1-14 and the significance of the Word becoming flesh, manifesting God's glory through Christ. 

7/ Epiphany is not just a historical event, it is a living reality that permeates our lives, urging us to embrace each stunning revelation of Christ's glory, leading us into a transformative journey of faith. 

8/ The Epiphany prayer for all of us: May we experience wondrous epiphanies that unwrap the glory of Christ in our lives and may we understand the power of waiting between epiphanies.

Stephanie mentions the book Epiphany by Fleming Rutledge. You can find it HERE.


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