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Episode 122 - Shiftwood Badger


1 hr 5 min / Published May 17, 2018

The boys guest tonight is Thickwood Badger a struggling porn actor from California Thickwood doesnt endear himself to the shows female listeners but the boys find him entertaining Thickwood offers Ricky a job as his fluffer but Ricky screws it up and the offer is taken back Ricky did bond with Thickwood due to the fact that they were both whistle pigs at one time If you dont know what a whistle pig is then dont ask Lets just say you get promoted to fluffer from there Father James finally makes an appearance to talk about what hes watching on TV these days and eventually hangs up when offended by something said by one of these two clowns we all know as Leroy amp Earl

The Leroy And Earl Show
A podcast by Chuck Jones
The Adult Cartoon Of Podcasts
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