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Episode 132 - Tuna & The Raffle


1 hr 22 min / Published August 16, 2018

Unbeknownst to LeRoy Earl put out an ad on Craigslists backpage for a female cohost LeRoy was a bit upset at the whole thing until it was obvious that Tuna The lady in question thought she was replying to an ad for a threesome We guess Earls wording was a little deceiving So the boys try out the potential cohost with a news segment that well kind of drags on Ricky uses the N word twice and is berated by everyone of course Father James calls in and tries to do a different accent but the boys see right through his bull He then goes on to give the boys the latest podcast stats All comes to an end with Earl proposing the show do a raffle So it is the show will be raffling off a 32 smart TV 20 a ticket with only 8 to be sold before the drawing Go to leroyandearlcom to buy you tickets

The Leroy And Earl Show
A podcast by Chuck Jones
The Adult Cartoon Of Podcasts
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