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Episode 134 - An AMA with Vexing Vixen


1 hr 11 min / Published August 30, 2018

This may have been the mother of all effed up shows due to technical issues The plan was to Skype with Vexing Vixen from Twitter and host an AMA for her many fans Well we couldnt get the audio working with Skype so we had to use video from Skype and audio from our phone line Unfortunately that meant no one could call in Steve did sneak a call in before we called Vixen so theres that Thanks Steve The show did get going at some point and lots of questions were asked on Twitter so it wasnt a complete loss The down side is that Leroy amp Earl were very frustrated and as always the future of the show is in jeopardy

The Leroy And Earl Show
A podcast by Chuck Jones
The Adult Cartoon Of Podcasts
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