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Episode 147 - The New LeRoy & Earl Show


1 hr 16 min / Published December 20, 2018

After much debate over the years the boys finally decide to drop the pitch shift shtick that theyve so begrudgingly held on to So for the first time since the shows inception in 2015 you hear the real voices behind the magic for the whole show The gang is delighted to have Ash Brown from Ash Said It Shes a master of all trades as you will hear She is yet another great interview lined up by LeRoy who calls in during the interview and makes everyone feel awkward Father James calls in later to give his blessing to the change as does Dr Brown Of course theres technical difficulties They always blamed that on the pitch shifters but as you can hearits just them theyre dumb asses

The Leroy And Earl Show
A podcast by Chuck Jones
The Adult Cartoon Of Podcasts
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