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Episode 19 - Dennis Kelly, CEO of Postalytics, talks about the Direct Mail Revival

Season 3, episode 19
18 min / Published

Episode 19- We speak with Dennis Kelly CEO of Postalytics. Dennis shares his story of pivoting from a niche related technology provider to offer a full service  SaaS Digital Mail Automation Platform in the Cloud.

Dennis covers several trends in the market that are moving organizations back to personalized direct mail due to a proliferation in digital email marketing initiatives that are falling short on deliverability and becoming less effective without a complimentary channel like direct mail.

Learn how to utilize key CRM and Marketing Platforms such as Salesforce, HubSpot and others to incorporate effective mailing campaigns directly into the sales and marketing process. Sophisticated mailing campaigns can now be delivered with a click of a button from the CRM via the Postalytics Platform.

About Postalytics:
A team of marketers and technologists who know how effective targeted, personalized, and tracked direct mail marketing can be. We also know that traditional direct mail production processes are slow, expensive, and disconnected from digital channels.

We are also the creators of Boingnet, the award-winning pURL marketing automation platform. Since 2008, we have been helping direct mailers generate personalized, multi-channel campaigns across mail, web, and email channels. Our patent-pending personalized URL tracking has been deployed on millions of mail pieces and has helped marketers understand direct mail response more deeply.

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