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Episode 2: Praga Caput Regni

We discuss what we've been playing lately, do a deep dive on Praga Caput Regni, talk about our top 5 real location games, and what we are looking forward to in our board gaming sphere.

2 hr 13 min / Published

Welcome to episode 2 of The Longest Turn Board Gaming Podcast! In this episode Kevin, Tyson and Tyler discuss a ton of great games and other board game related topics. We start off the episode talking about what we’ve been playing including What the Heck?, Spicy, Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game, Nyctophobia: Vampire Encounter, Tyrants of the Underdark and Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile. We then jump into our feature review of Praga Caput Regni. Following the feature review we give our top 5 games based on actual locations. Does Praga make it into our lists? Listen to find out! We end the episode discussing a few things we’re excited about that are upcoming in the board gaming world and give out this episode’s longest turn award.


Time Stamps:

What we’ve been playing - 00:00:46

Praga Caput Regni - 00:51:56 (Rules) 00:56:19 (Review)

Top 5 games named after real locations - 01:29:15

What we’re excited about - 01:49:16

Longest Turn Award - 02:00:23

Outtakes - 02:10:57


What we’ve been playing:

What the Heck? - 00:00:46

Spicy - 00:04:59

Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game – Season One - 00:16:08

Nyctophobia: Vampire Encounter - 00:21:00

Tyrants of the Underdark - 00:30:51

Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile - 00:37:40


Praga Caput Regni review:

In Praga Caput Regni, players take the roll of wealthy citizens organizing various building projects in medieval Prague. By expanding their wealth and joining in the construction, they gain favor with the king. Players choose from six actions which are always available, but weighted with a constantly shifting array of costs and benefits. Clever players will discover synergies between carefully timed actions and the rewards from constructing civic projects. At the end of the game, the winner is the player who most impressed King Charles.


Top 5 games based on actual locations:


#5 Tobago - 01:30:09

#4 Santorini - 01:33:43

#3 Troyes - 01:36:06

#2 Clans of Caledonia - 01:41:07

#1 Teotihuacan: City of Gods - 01:44:24



#5 Praga Caput Regni - 01:31:23

#4 Orleans - 01:34:34

#3 Brass: Birmingham - 01:38:09

#2 Clans of Caledonia - 01:42:36

#1 Teotihuacan: City of Gods - 01:46:17



#5 Santorini - 01:29:29

#4 Salem 1692 - 01:32:14

#3 Orleans - 01:31:40

#2 Pingyao: First Chinese Banks - 01:39:34

#1 Coimbra - 01:43:15


What we’re excited about

Tyson's custom game table from Knotty Boardom - 01:49:16

Railways of Sweden - 01:52:41

Res Arcana: Perlae Imperii - 01:55:27

The second Dune movie has been confirmed - 01:56:24

We end the episode discussing who won this episode’s longest turn award. Tyler wrote an app to track everyone’s turns during a recent play of Praga. Did it go well, or will the app go down in flames? Listen in to find out.

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Kevin Michaelis
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