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Episode 25 – EUDAMED secrets with Richard Houlihan


Thumbnail Richard Houlihan Eudamed.Eu Eudamed Secrets on the medical device made easy podcast Monir El AzzouziEpisode 25 – EUDAMED secrets with Richard Houlihan Podcast Episode 25 – Eudamed Secrets with Richard Houlihan

I know that you heard about something called EUDAMED but do you really know what it is? Do you really know what to do with it? and do you know how to prepare for it?

On this new episode of the Medical Device made Easy Podcast, I invited Richard Houlihan from EUDAMED.EU to discuss with us about the secret of EUDAMED.

What is interesting with Richard is that he was part of the project for the creation of this platform and how he created his own company to support manufacturers to be ready when EUDAMED will be launched.

On this episode we will answer few questions as:

  • What is EUDAMED?
  • When should we plan to use it?
  • What is the situation at the European Commission?
  • What companies should do to be prepared for it?
  • What Eudamed.eu can do to help?

If you have not already planned a project for it, you should listen to this episode because this will help you to be ahead of competition.

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Who is Richard Houlihan?

Richard Houlihan has been in IT-related businesses for 25+ years. He holds a BSc in Computing and an MBA Information management. The varying IT roles have led to him living in several countries, working across 6 blue chips, 3 start-ups and 3 different directorates within the European Commission.


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