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Episode 29 – 5 Steps to create a QMS with Jason Lim


Episode 29 5 steps to create a Quality Management System QMS ISO 13485 with Jason Lim from Stendard.ioEpisode 29 – 5 Steps to create your QMS with Jason Lim Podcast Audio Episode 29 – 5 Steps for a QMS with Jason Lim

The creation of a Quality Management System or QMS is a journey. Some companies consider that only as a formality to check the box and are able to sell medical devices. Others are really considering that as a tool for a long term journey.

To help Medical Device companies on this Journey, I have invited a Medical Device Expert on Quality Management System creation, Jason Lim which is the CEO of Stendard.io.

He will reveal to us his 5 step strategy to create a QMS and get certified. These steps seems obvious but you will see that some are stopping at step 1 and then fail.

Who is Jason Lim?

Mr Jason Lim has been a strong advocate of standardisation, starting off his career as a regulator in Singapore’s HSA and later on as a quality manager of a MedTech accelerator. His venture as an entrepreneur started off as a Quality and Regulatory Consultant and have worked with many MedTech companies across different device focus and classification. He also participates in an international working group and contributes to the development of world-class standards. He strongly believes that utilising technologies can further help more companies in implementing international standards, streamline business processes across the organisation and accelerate global growth. Stendard was born and the vision is to put quality at the centre of businesses and make it easier.

Today, more than 200 companies in the MedTech and Food industries from Korea, Germany, Australia, India and Singapore are successfully using Stendard Solution™ as part of their ISO certification, saving time and money. 



I wanted to test Stendard and see if I can create a QMS within 30 Minutes. Check if I reached the goal.

My Challenge – Create a Quality Management System in 30 Minutes

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