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Episode 30 – Promotional Compliance with Darshan Kulkarni


Promotional Compliance Medical Device with Darshan Kulkarni on the Medical Device made Easy Podcast with Monir El AzzouziEpisode 30 – FDA Promotional Compliance with Darshan Kulkarni Podcast Episode 30 – FDA Promotional Compliance with Darshan Kulkarni

The topic of Promotional Compliance is really important in the USA. As you will hear on this episode, advertisement is everywhere and most importantly, the advertisement for Healthcare Products.

So to keep this topic safe, some rules are important to respect. And to explain that to us, I invited Darshan Kulkarni, Principal Attorney at the Kulkarni Law Firm. He will tell us what should be done to avoid to receive some non-pleasant letters from the FDA.

Who is Darshan Kulkarni?

Darshan is an attorney and pharmacist, and provides legal and regulatory advice to drug and device companies and their service providers including advertising agencies, and medical writing agencies. His services include reviewing and discussing privacy concerns, promotional review services for websites and sales pieces, and responding to titled and untitled letters. 
  He has previously served as VP of Regulatory Strategy and Policy for a global consultancy and has lectured in engineering, medical, and law schools all over the country. He currently teaches a course on the Promotion of Biomedical Products at the Univ. of the Sciences, serves on various editorial and advisory boards including serving as the current Chair for the American Bar Association’s Life Sciences Interest Group, and has written multiple book chapters on the promotion of medical products. 

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