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Episode 32 – Pakistan Registration Process with Muhammad Sohail


Medical Device registration in Pakistan with Muhammad Sohail on the Medical Device made EASY Podcast with Monir El Azzouzi

In the Middle East, there are also some opportunities to market your Medical Devices and today we will talk specifically about Pakistan. Muhammad Sohail who is specialized in Pakistan Market will share with us more information and help us to register your products.

He will first describe the Pakistan market with some numbers and also the products that are currently imported. Then he will explain the different steps you’ll have to follow to register your medical device.

As there was an update on the regulation, it’s now easier to register your products. Muhammad Sohail accepted also to prepare a package of documents so you can already see what are the requirements. You can download them on the links section.

Who is Muhammad Sohail?

He is a successful and highly experienced professional, holding a degree of pharmacy. His experience of more than eight years combines extensive regulatory expertise of handling regulations of medical devices, drugs, biologicals, and alternative medicines.

He has also been appointed as Industry (Secondary) representative of Asian Harmonization Working Party (AHWP) by the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan.


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