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Episode 38 – Be the Best Candidate Ever with Mitch Robbins


Best candidate ever with Mitch Robbins from the Anthony Michael Group on the Medical Device made EASY Podcast Monir El Azzouzi

Be the best candidate ever. If you are working on the Medical Device space, you are maybe looking for a new opportunity or a promotion within your company. To help you made the move on the best conditions, I invited Mitch Robbins from The Anthony Michael Group who is specialized in the recruitment of Medical Device employees.

On this episode, we will help you to understand:

  • The candidate value proposition
  • Tips on how to be considered the best candidate
  • How to get promoted within your company

For that, we will discuss specifically Quality and Regulatory Affairs skills. Because there are some criteria that you should consider when writing your profile on Linkedin or on your Resume. And I mentioned that for me Keywords is also an important part to sort the different CVs.

We will also talk about Mitch’s podcast which is helping you to improve yourself on this space by providing you some advice.

By the way, Mitch is the founder of the company but the company is called The Anthony Michael Group. Why? You´ll hear this great story as I will ask him this question.

Who is Mitch Robbins?

Mitch Robbins is the Founder and Managing Director of The Anthony Michael Group in a suburb of Denver, CO. Mitch and his team at AMG helps organizations (Med-Device, Diagnostics, and Digital Health) to hire the top 15% of Elite Technical Talent in areas like Regulatory Affairs, Quality, Engineering, R&D, Manufacturing and Operations. Mitch, himself, is consistently ranked across the world within the top 1% of Headhunters and has been the choice of the experts to deliver training to both rookies and seasoned recruiters across multiple disciplines on numerous occasions.


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