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Equipping our kids to face culture biblically | with Elizabeth Urbanowicz | Part 1

Gospel Spice Parenting Series

Season 11, episode 218
27 min / Published

Children are constantly exposed to false ideas. They are constantly bombarded with content from various sources, shaping their young minds in a rapidly changing world. As a parent or any Christian working with kids, it's essential to equip them to pursue truth and embrace a biblical worldview. Does the child in your care know how to discern what is true and what is false? Today, Stephanie welcomes Elizabeth Urbanowicz, founder of Foundation Worldview, to discuss the essential role of adults in raising children with the tools to critically approach the surrounding culture. Elizabeth helps Christian parents equip their children to think biblically and to carefully evaluate every idea they encounter. Foundation Worldview serves children as young as 4 years, and until they reach High School.

This month, Gospel Spice offers a parenting series for all adults who have children in their lives – as parents, aunts and uncles, family members and friends, as well as youth group leaders, children ministry leaders, and more. With each episode, we tackle a different aspect of the essential stewardship of the children in our lives so that we will equip the next generation with the right tools to embrace fullness of faith in a changing world.

Discover Foundation Worldview: https://foundationworldview.com/about


Elizabeth Urbanowicz is a follower of Jesus Christ who is passionate about equipping kids to understand the truth of the Christian worldview.

She holds a B.S. from Gordon College in Elementary Education and Spanish, an M.S.Ed. from Northern Illinois University in Literacy Education, and an M.A. in Christian Apologetics from Biola University. Elizabeth began her professional career as an elementary teacher in a Christian school.

Several years into her teaching experience, Elizabeth realized that despite being raised in Christian homes, attending a Christian school, and being active in church, her students thought more like the culture than like Christ. Elizabeth began searching for curricular materials that would equip her students to think critically, helping them discover that Christianity is the worldview that lines up with reality. After not finding any materials that met this need, she began creating a curriculum for her students.

Elizabeth first taught Foundation Comparative Worldview Curriculum as an after-school class for third through fifth graders, and the results were incredible! Students were transformed from passive recipients of information to active evaluators of every message they receive. Parents and teachers alike noticed the impact these materials had on students’ media consumption, academic achievement, and everyday habits. This transformation lasted beyond the elementary years and guided students’ thinking in junior high and beyond.

Elizabeth now works full-time on developing comparative worldview and apologetics resources for children. Her goal is to prepare the next generation to be lifelong critical thinkers and, most importantly, lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ.

We invite you to check out the first episode of each of our series, and decide which one you will want to start with.

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God's glory, our delight 


We are spending one whole month having conversations with inspiring guests about parenting at different stages of life - from newborns to adult children, and every stage in between! And then, we spend another whole month discussing essentials of physical, mental, and emotional wellness with a wide range of Christ-centered experts. 

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