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Eternal Hobbyist - The Renegade Show with Coach Kelvin & Edgar "Jobe" Gasper

Season 1, episode 3
27 min / Published
By Kelvin

In this episode Kelvin invites his friend and fellow renegade Jobe to explore a lifestyle that involves pursuing  your passion , ideas and experimentation as one way to live.  Jobe had a vision of embracing experimentation and hobbies from an early age that led him to constantly search for large and small bodies of water in order to fish while building a successful career.  Imbued in this psyche is a mix of deep curiosity and intrigue  of the mechanics of how thing work and a deep desire of  answering questions in the world  on what challenges need's to be solved . This lifestyle has taken Jobe from the deep mines of the crypto currency world e.g  BitCoin to the revolutions being powered by the technology of disturbed ledgers e.g Blockchain  and eventually to the evolution of urban farming in the form of Aquaponics , this is an episode you will not want to miss to discover how one can get started in embracing hobbies as a way of live and maybe even building a livelihood from it.  From an eternal hobbyist to a true renegade.........welcome to the show Edgar " Jobe" Gasper.


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