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Featuring Adam Popli

New Age Multi-media, Multi-disciplinary Artist

54 min / Published

Disclaimer: The views expressed do not reflect the views of baobulb.org


A New age multi-media, multi-disciplinary artist. Adam talks about his art. Coming out. And above all, about how climate change influenced his creative process.

Disclaimer: The views expressed do not reflect the policy of Baobulb.org. Please be advised that this episode does contain some swearing.

The Other Side of the Sun is a podcast by Solarkidd. It’s a journey of self discovery. With eclectic tastes. Ranging from Ancient History to Music. And likewise, astronomy and language. Similarly, ancient alien theories.

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Adam Popli Links:

Alice Black

Cargo Collective

The Earth Issue



Intro music produced by solarkidd (the A Team) @abstractsunpro. Outro music produced by @st4x_music (the A Team) @abstractsunpro. Video Edited by @optimizevisuals.

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Authentic South African Stories

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