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Featuring: Daniel Mpilo Richards

Filmaker/Actor/Musician/Social Activist

57 min / Published

Warning: This episode discusses adult themes. Disclaimer: The views expressed do not reflect the policy of Baobulb.org. Not suitable for children under the age of 18.


Film Maker, Actor, Musician and Social Activist, Daniel Mpilo Richards has spearheaded many socially uplifting projects in South Africa such as project orange and has a very interesting and diverse background growing up in places like America, Switzerland and South Africa he shares his incredible perspective on life and everything else. For more on the impact of COVID-19 on SA’s Hip Hop Scene, check out this podcast.

The Other Side of the Sun is a podcast by Solarkidd. He currently lives in London in the United Kingdom. His is a journey of self discovery. With eclectic tastes. Ranging from Ancient History to Music. And likewise, astronomy and language. Similarly, ancient alien theories.

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Intro music produced by solarkidd (the A Team) @abstractsunpro. Outro music produced by @st4x_music (the A Team) @abstractsunpro. Video Edited by @optimizevisuals

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A podcast by Spudcaster
Authentic South African Stories

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