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Featuring Obtain Art Gallery

Happy Mashigo shares his exciting Virtual Reality project

25 min / Published October 9, 2020

Art Lexica Podcast: Obtain Art Gallery features Happy Mashigo, business owner at Obtain Gallery. Wesley Pepper sits down with Mashigo to talk about his exciting virtual reality (VR) project. In other words it will bring artwork into people’s homes!

In Art Lexica: Obtain Gallery, Wesley Pepper explores how the covid-19 pandemic changed the way art is being sold. Most local art buyers are tourists. Obtain Art Gallery pairs up with local artists to help exhibit their work using online platforms. But, at the same time, they need to grow a local audience. As a result, they are planning a township exhibition in Kwa-Thema. Above all this will get the black middle class to start buying local artworks. We apologise for the poor sound quality in some places (Please use the below transcript).

a logo for the Obtain Art Gallery in South Africa

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Importantly, Wesley set up this podcast as a platform. To talk art, processes and the politics of art and activism. Special thanks to Chris Morrow 4 for the theme music. For more podcasts visit the feed. Similarly, you can follow us on Podlink!

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