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Featuring Perspektif

Hip Hop Artist/Cape Town

1 hr 55 min / Published

Warning: This episode discusses adult themes and contains strong language. Disclaimer: The views expressed do not represent the views of baobulb.org


This latest episode features South African Hip Hop artist, Perspektif (Producer, MC, Poet). With Solarkidd, the two reminisce about the good ol’ days. Perspektif is based in the Western Cape. He is knowledgeable about the Hip Hop industry in South Africa. 

The Other Side of the Sun is a podcast by Solarkidd. It’s a journey of self discovery. With eclectic tastes. Ranging from Ancient History to Music. And likewise, astronomy and language. Similarly, ancient alien theories.

Disclaimer: The views expressed are those of the speakers and do not reflect the policy or position of Baobulb.org

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