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Featuring: Renè van Rensburg

Wesley Pepper makes up his mind on the COVID-19 vaccine

1 hr 40 min / Published January 23

Warning: This episode discusses adult themes. Disclaimer: The views expressed do not reflect the policy of Baobulb.org. Not suitable for children under the age of 18.

Wesley Pepper makes up his mind on the great COVID-19 vaccine debate, in this latest episode of Art Lexica. He chat’s to longtime friend, Renè van Rensburg, about COVID conspiracies and living through a pandemic.

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This raps up the series of episodes on COVID-19 and the vaccine debate. Next week, Wesley explores his own art processes as he prepares for a solo exhibition with Yebo Gallery coming up soon. 

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Importantly, Wesley set up this podcast as a platform. To talk art, processes and the politics of art and activism. Special thanks to Chris Morrow 4 for the theme music. Visit the website for more podcasts. 

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