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Featuring Sabelo Soko

Poet/Performance Artist

1 hr 1 min / Published October 14, 2020

In Art Lexica: Sabelo Soko, Wesley Pepper sits down with the poet/performance artist. They talk about the ever evolving Umkhondo Project. With Soko keeping tight-lipped about what’s coming up next on WordUP TV. This podcast also features the track Amalunde from the 2017 album Umkhondo.

Wesley Pepper’s Art Lexica explores how covid-19 opened up the content creation space. Soko explains ways to monetize your art/poetry online. He also expands on new mediums to share your art. These include podcasting, vlogging and blogging. As well as live streaming!


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Importantly, Wesley set up this podcast as a platform. To talk art, processes and the politics of art and activism. Special thanks to Chris Morrow 4 for the theme music. The podcast is now also available on iHeartRadio. Or you can visit the website feed. Similarly, you can follow us on Podlink!

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