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First 2020 Presidential Debate (Uncut and No Interruptions) — Trump v. Biden — September 29, 2020

Indie Podcaster – First 2020 Presidential Debate

1 hr 37 min / Published September 30, 2020

I have not commented on the politics; However, I merely recorded the debate for reference so that you can make your own choice in the 2020 US Presidential Election. This was a chaotic shit show of a debate that was really not of any educational use and merely just two old men interrupting each other, I do not doubt that the biggest sound bite from the debate will be what came off as a call to arm by President Trump to The Proud Boys far-right hate group to "Stand Back and Stand-by" It sounded much more like a call to arms rather then a condemnation of far-right extremists. I leave the debate for you to analyse and judge for yourself. https://iwillvote.com/

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~ Rob Cruise


Show notes

Well, what to say after that? I must admit that it was not a debate that was just two old white men arguing and mudslinging, granted Trump was far worse than Biden. President Trump’s clear strategy was to interrupt and throw Biden of his bearings. I think it was a complete failure because the is nothing of substance as far as political policy are concerned because of the constant interruptions. I cannot help but focus on President Trump’s utterly incompetent handling of his so-called denouncement of a far-right group that spread hate and violence. He told the Proud Boy to “Stand back and Stand by.” That is not a condemnation; it is an outright call to arms as if he is mobilising the group if he is on the losing side of the election. I am going to do a separate podcast on the issue. Still, I worry that Trump may make a Scorched Earth policy towards his last few months in office if he were to lose the election. If this were the case, Biden would be spending days negating executive orders the first moments he enters the Oval Office. I got the impression that President Trump was utterly unprepared to talk about policy and was merely looking at a way to shake Biden. On the flip-side, Biden tried to talk policy but never seemed to get through a single sentence. Biden certainly did his share of mudslinging as well, but after the bombardment, Trump put on him by trying to pivot the topic and throw him off balance. I cannot blame him for telling Trump, “Shut Up” and calling him a “Clown” among other things.

This debate, which is a stretch to call it that; however, I would say that Joe Biden will come out on top when this is all said and done, and the pollsters have done their reviews. The former Vice-President was much more mature and composed, as well as better informed that his opponent President Trump. There are so many comments that one can make about this event, but I think that if you managed to get through the entire broadcast the not only, Bravo for You! Yet also, the conduct of the candidates speaks for themselves, and it was not an encouraging event, it was s shit show from start to finish. It was certainly not a debate, Donald Trump derailed the idea that any policy would be discussed immediately and sabotaged the effort of Biden to address issues and even Fox News’ Chris Wallace in his attempt to moderate the event.

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