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God’s tender fatherliness: Stephanie’s personal journey into grace

From intellectual atheism to unshakable faith in Christ

Season 13, episode 268
38 min / Published

Bonjour, and welcome to Gospel Spice! I'm your host, Stephanie Rousselle, and today I am inviting you into my personal story of coming to faith from intellectual atheism. Through my story, I invite you to see how God can redeem past regrets and use our unique characteristics and experiences to offer guidance to others. Join me on this highly personal episode as we navigate the importance of language, cultural influences, and the significance of surrendering to God's call. So, grab your favorite cup of coffee (or tea! Or anything hot!). I hope you will be inspired by God’s kindness and grace, and how His tender fatherliness is the key to unshakable faith. Welcome to Gospel Spice!


Much to my surprise, I discovered that being a Christian doesn't require checking one's brains at the door. Instead, we are called to engage in deep conversations, rooted in love, and grow in our understanding of God. God promises to redeem past regrets so that we can eventually share our experiences with others.

Our unique minds and personalities, with our individual interests, dislikes, and stressors, combine to make us who we are. God has intentionally hand-woven each one of us, creating us with purpose and value.

My God-given journey from intellectual atheism to Biblical Christianity is a powerful testament to His transformative power—much in spite of me! Having lived in multiple countries and immersed myself in different cultures and languages, God allowed me to gain a deep understanding of faith. And now, my goal is to be that spice of the gospel to the world around us, transforming lives through the love and truth of the gospel.

I encourage you to listen to reflect on your own journey of redemption. Have you experienced moments of doubt, arrogance, or a thirst for knowledge? Can you relate to feeling broken on the inside, despite appearing confident on the outside? If so, I humbly hope that my story will inspire you to seek God's approval alone and embrace His transforming love. My story isn’t about me, it is about Him at the deepest levels.

Thank you for being a part of the Gospel Spice community. Our mission is to point people to Jesus and draw them deeper into Him. We invite you to join us in embodying the Gospel and becoming an irresistible spice that attracts others to the good news. Our hope is that through our personal stories and experiences, you will find a unique flavor that resonates with you. Let's journey together and spice up the world with the fragrance of the Gospel!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit alongside Jesus and his initial audience? To experience the fresh spiritual flavors that the Messianic Jewish culture weaves into the four gospels? Well, that's exactly what we here aim to do through this original series, JESUS RABBI AND LORD. Stephanie invites you to dig deep into Scripture, unearthing raw diamonds that may need a little cleaning up, but will ultimately shine brightly.

So get ready to embark on this enlightening and transformative journey with Gospel Spice. Prepare to encounter Jesus in a way that resonates with our modern world and discover the richness of the gospel through the lens of Jewish culture. Let's dig deep, uncover the hidden spices, and experience the beauty of the Scriptures together. Welcome to Gospel Spice!

Grab your headphones, hit play, and let Gospel Spice be the catalyst for encountering Jesus in a way you've never experienced before!

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Bonjour! Gospel Spice exists to inspire our generation to delight in God. We do this through the podcast, online Bible studies, leadership trainings, and more. We want to serve Christ-followers who seek to live a life spiced with the gospel. We want to love God, because He first loved us. We want to experience the fullness of life with Him—and not be content with stale, boring, leftover faith. Jesus tells us that the most important thing is to love the Lord our God, so we take Him seriously. He adds that we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. Now, there are many ways to do that, but I have always personally felt deep compassion for victims of human trafficking – it is modern day slavery, and it revolts the heart of God. And so, they are our particular neighbors here at Gospel Spice. We want to play our part in raising awareness and then financially supporting those who fight this great evil.  

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What matters to us here at Gospel Spice is to create a place where people who seek deeper intimacy with Jesus, will find Him. We want a warm, welcoming atmosphere to journey ever deeper into the heart of God. We believe it is the ultimate calling of the Christian life, and I like to summarize it with my motto, God’s glory, our delight. That is why we invite you to “taste and see” that the Lord is good. And we have been doing this every day since 2019. We need YOU to keep Gospel Spice alive and growing.  

Financially speaking, we rely on people who understand this vision and who understand that we cannot function without a minimum budget. We run an extremely tight budget. For example, I work full time but don’t draw a salary. And yet, we have expenses – for example, the equipment and technology we use, and also the wonderfully gifted staff who make it possible to deliver high quality content all around the globe, and then the necessary occasional promotional budget to make it possible to be discovered by those who seek to live a life spiced with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We need your help.  

So we would love for you to consider if this ministry is blessing you to pay gospel spice forward. You can partner with us monthly with 10, 25, 50, 100, a month, or you can make one donation, once.

And because we are a register nonprofit organization in the United States under the status of a 501c3 charity, it means that the amount that you pay to gospel spice is fully tax deductible. Completely tax deductible. So you're even saving money as you invest in gospel spice ministries. It is an eternal investment, and we are very grateful to you for it.

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Your hard-earned money is always well used at Gospel Spice. Ultimately, you are giving back to the Kingdom, a portion of what Jesus has given you. We are well aware of the privilege to steward your partnership. And my prayer is always that you will find your own life spiced with the gospel as you partner with us to flavor the lives of those around us, near and far, with the spice of the gospel.


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