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Grace: the taste of freedom

Jesus flavors our life with true blessedness.

Season 1, episode 33
31 min / Published May 4, 2020

Episode 33 - Stephanie invites you to dive deep into the Sermon on the Mount this week and next.

What is Jesus' goal as He teaches what has become the most famous message ever given?

There are three essential parts to the Sermon on the Mount: the beatitudes; the Lord's prayer; and the golden rule. We are looking at each in turn, pondering each reaction from the audience--whether it be the Pharisees and religious rulers who choose to block Jesus from their social media feed, or the disciples, who choose to follow and subscribe to His every message, or the crowds, who are still sampling His message and trying to decide what to do with this hotshot from Galilee. 

The Sermon on the Mount is not addressed to people who are trying to earn the right to go to heaven. It's not a list of do's and don'ts to deserve paradise. "The Sermon on the Mount is a road map given by Jesus to those who know that heaven is already theirs by grace." 

Jesus hangs the entire Sermon on the Mount on one peg, and one peg alone--and He challenges us to do the same. That peg? Himself. He, and He alone holds it all together. We can only live by the Sermon if we fully abide in Him. No wonder we need the full power of the Holy Spirit, given as the guarantee of our inheritance until we acquire full possession (Ephesians 1), in order to live life on the Mount!

One thing Jesus does methodically, is rebuke all sorts of false teachings that have arisen over time--largely due to the infamous Pharisees. The truth is, we can probably relate to them a bit too much for comfort. So, what does Jesus have to say to us about the road to heaven? 

You guessed it: it's all about what we make of Him.

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We'll see you again soon on Gospel Spice.

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