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Have you ever been puzzled or shocked by a Bible verse?

Me too! So we’re answering tough questions with two famous Messianic Psalms…

Season 2, episode 58
41 min / Published October 26, 2020

Episode 58 (Psalms, 4th session)– Have you ever come across a verse in the Bible and wondered, “I have no idea what this means!” Or, worse, have you ever been downright shocked by a verse that seems vengeful, or vicious, or just plain mean or mysterious?

How about... “Happy is the one who dashes your babies against the rock, Babylon.”

Yes, this is a verse in the Bible. Psalm 137:9, to be exact. Now, how does one reconcile this with God’s kindness and patience?

How can Scripture be more than markings on a page? Stephanie humbly challenges us to learn to read the Bible with the help of the Holy Spirit today!

After this meaty example of Babylonian babies and their link to our modern-day thoughts, we switch gears to focus on Psalms 45 and 110, the two famous Royal Messianic Psalms.

Speaking of meaty content, who was Melchizedek, and what does he have to do with the Psalms?

How can Jesus say that we can't love our family more than Him, and yet still be worthy of the Kingdom?

Well, there’s only one way to find out. Take a listen now!

Whether you are a new believer in Christ, or a seasoned Bible student, we hope and pray you will be blessed by this episode today!

This episode ends by linking Jesus' titles as High Priest, and King. It connects to the Gospel Spice Ministries Bible study "Centering on Christ: the Tabernacle." We are offering a self-paced study option to enjoy our in-depth Bible lessons for FREE! Check out gospelspice.com/tabernacle to register and enjoy these in-depth lessons completely free of charge.

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