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Homemade Jerky / Magic Stones / Noah

Hole in one!

Season 2, episode 14
47 min / Published

In this podcast episode, PB, Johnny V and Producer J engaged in a truly relaxed discussion covering a range of topics. They talked about the process of making biltong, shared personal accomplishments, and touched upon recent happenings in Israel. Additionally, they brought up a video showing a river turning red. The conversation also veered into the prospect of inviting a special guest onto their show and the opportunities for future collaborations.

Show notes

Chapters / Timestamps

The biltong story (00:00:31)
The conversation revolves around making and enjoying biltong, including personal experiences and anecdotes.

Personal achievements (00:04:19)
A discussion about a member's hole-in-one achievement in golf and the excitement surrounding it.

Potential collaborations and special guest (00:06:43)
The group hints at starting a biltong company, teases a potential special guest, and discusses potential collaborations.

Recent events in Israel (00:11:46)
The conversation shifts to the situation in Israel, discussing protests, retaliation, and potential coordination of events.

Video of a river running red (00:13:22)
Debate over the authenticity of a video showing a river running red, with some believing it's doctored and others expressing skepticism.

The red heifers (00:13:54)
Discussion about the red heifers and Passover coming up next weekend, with a mention of a video related to the topic.

Red water in Iran (00:14:26)
Description of a video showing red water in Iran after a big attack on Israel, leading to a discussion about cloud seeding and natural phenomena.

The new Jerusalem and precious stones (00:18:08)
Explanation of the 12 precious stones that will be used to build the new Jerusalem, including the significance of pure light on the stones.

Significance of gemstones in scripture (00:23:15)
Discussion about the significance of gemstones in scripture, including their representation of the 12 tribes of Israel and their symbolism.

King Tut's dagger (00:27:36)
Conversation about King Tut's dagger made with a precious stone not of this earth, possibly an alien stone.

Egyptian artifacts in the Grand Canyon (00:28:29)
Mention of Egyptian artifacts in the Grand Canyon and Colorado, suggesting the possibility of exploring the area for more artifacts.

The Colorado River Cave (00:28:36)
Discussion about a cave found going down through the Colorado River into the Grand Canyon, guarded by military guys from NASA.

Napoleon Bonaparte's Visit to Africa (00:29:14)
Anecdote about Napoleon Bonaparte being taken into the inner chamber of a pyramid in Africa and his mysterious experience.

Coral Castle and Edward Lee Scalon (00:31:45)
Description of the Coral Castle built by Edward Lee Scalon in Florida using ancient Egyptian technology.

Debate on Dietary Changes After the Flood (00:35:17)
Discussion about dietary changes after the flood, including the permission to eat meat and the mention of unicorns in the Bible.

Mini Ice Age and Land Bridge (00:40:23)
Conversation about the occurrence of a mini ice age and the existence of a land bridge, possibly relating to the Old Testament.

The waters came up from the earth (00:41:45)
Discussion about the speed of waters coming up from the earth and its impact on the axis.

Discovery of a second ocean under Antarctica (00:42:03)
Conversation about the discovery of a second ocean under Antarctica through a super long tunnel.

Video of a dark anomaly and 85-foot waves (00:42:30)
Discussion about a video showing a dark anomaly and the resulting 85-foot waves off the coast of Antarctica.

Potential cyber attacks and Chinese hackers (00:43:39)
Conversation about the FBI warning of Chinese hackers infiltrating American infrastructure and the potential for cyber attacks.

Lab-grown meat and probiotics (00:44:55)
Discussion about Chick-fil-A experimenting with lab-grown meat and confusion about the term "probiotics."

Forgetting personal items and driving back (00:46:21)
Anecdotes about forgetting personal items and having to drive back, leading to humorous conversations.

These are the timestamps covered in the podcast episode transcription segment, along with their respective titles.

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Johnny V
Johnny V
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