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How a Former Model is Taking A Stand Against Bullying

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Bullied at a young age, Host Bart Zandbergen (who went on to have a successful modeling career before establishing himself as a wealth advisor over 25 years ago) is taking a stand against bullying which has become an epidemic. Bart has chosen Laguna Beach non-profit, the Ability Awareness Project, which has dynamic anti-bullying programs that work with the local school systems as the beneficiary of his upcoming inaugural fundraiser and benefit "Kindness Kures". The event will be held September 19th, 2019 with details to be released soon. The Founder of the Ability Awareness Project, Shadi Pourkashef, joined Bart in the studio to discuss the state of bullying in the world today. During the episode, Shadi shares the latest statistics on bullying and discusses the programs her organization offers to effectively address bullying for a happier and safer environment. Sadly, less than 33% of children bring bullying to a parent's attention, so Shadi what signs to look for and how to open up a supportive conversation with a child regarding bullying. In this episode you will learn:-The various types of bullying that can occur-Effective tips for parents to address bullying-Why leading by example is critical in shaping a child's behavior throughout their life-What programs are available to help stomp out bullying and how you can get involed About Shadi Pourkashef: Shadi Pourkashef in the Founder of Ability Awareness Project, a Laguna Beach nonprofit that provides bullying prevention education and kindness programs for children, parents and educators at schools and also for seniors at senior centers. Ability Awareness Project was the 2018 recipient of Best Education Center in Best of Laguna Beach, as well as the 2018 OneOC Champion of Changemakers, and won 1st place at the Patriot’s Day Parade with a song Ms. Pourkashef composed about a conversation between a child being bullied and her consoling mother. Ms. Pourkashef is also an Official Founding member of World Kindness USA and the Goodwill Ambassador of World Kindness for the city of Laguna Beach, a partner with The Charter for Compassion, a collaborator with The Kindness Evolution, a Raktivist with the Random Acts of Kindness, one of the 30 nation’s Kindness Leaders, and voted the Best Activist of Laguna Beach. Her programs focus on teaching non-judgement, empathy, friendship, compassion, tolerance and inclusion through thoughts, words and acts of kindness to lead our next generation towards greater social interconnection along a humanistic path. Ms. Pourkashef is the mother of a son, who is a junior in High School. Learn More About the Ability Awareness Project:https://kindandsafeschools.org/ The Zandbergen Report, where wealth strategies and investment wisdom collide, is led by host Bart Zandbergen, and is LIVE every Tuesday at 2pm on OC Talk Radio. The show is also available on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Spotify and Stitcher. Interested in being a guest on The Zandbergen Report? Email podcast@bartzandbergen.com. Learn more about Bart by visiting www.BartZandbergen.com  

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