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How do we practice yoga to the glory of God? | with Miranda Jo Davis

Christian ministry from a yoga mat?

Bonus Season 5, episode 99
32 min / Published

BONUS Episode - Stephanie welcomes Miranda Jo Davis, author, speaker, Seminary-trained and Christian yoga instructor. Do the words "Christian" and "yoga" belong in the same sentence? Can one be a full-on, on-fire worshipper of the one true God in Christ Jesus through the Holy Spirit, and practice yoga?

What happens if a Christian tells you that yoga is wrong, but your doctor tells you it is good for your body and your health? How do you reconcile these contradicting views? Can yoga be good for a Christian?

We realize this can be a hot-button topic. So, we encourage you to make your own discerned conclusion, based on this episode AND other sources. In this episode, we seek to bring you some interesting elements but do not seek to convince you. This being said...

How do you identify toxic practices in yoga? What are the red flags that indicate a worldview that dishonors Christ? What needs to be removed from the traditional yoga practices, and what do we replace it with, to align yoga practices with our faith?

Miranda brings her perspective, steeped in Scripture and worship. She has faced persecution from secular Yoga masters because of her "narrow-minded" faith. She chooses Christ every day as she serves through yoga with a Biblical perspective. She has learned to identify the elements of yoga that oppose our faith, and the ones that honor Christ.

Stephanie's favorite quote from Miranda: "you can be in the world of yoga, but not of it."

She has adapted secular yoga practices to align with Scripture, the one non-negociable cornerstone that will guide her every teaching. She does not dilute Truth as a very conservative Christian steeped in the Bible. 

We talk about the dangers of crystals, gongs and chanting--a complete no-no. We talk about the blood of Christ that cleanses and purifies us. We talk today about worship and being truly grounded and rooted in Christ, and how this helps us identify lies from the world every day--on the yoga mat, and every area of life!

Miranda shares her story from agnosticism to yoga, and then to Christian faith. She explains how she reconciles yoga with faith. If Christ is truly sovereign and Lord over all, then He is Lord over yoga, and can redeem it too! There is a lot of lies in the secular world of yoga, but in Christ we can discern truth and safely experience the good of yoga to the glory of God.


NOTE - in this episode, we bring you a perspective on yoga that you may completely disagree with. That is FINE! Please know that we encourage you to research on your own and make up your own mind, based on Scripture. Do not take this episode as your conclusive statement about yoga. In this episode, we invite and encourage you to discern for yourself. Gospel Spice does not endorse nor condemn yoga practices as described in this episode.



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Find Miranda Jo Davis:




Miranda's book: Christian Girl in the yoga world on Amazon.


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