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How to Brainstorm Your Book and Write a Novel that Your Readers Can't Put Down

Author Coach S.D. Howard teaches us how to build a binge-able book!

Season 1, episode 1
39 min / Published

Have you Always wanted to Write a Book? 

Writing a book is a process that involves building your ideas into a story with intentionality and purpose. Knowing where you want to start, your turning point, and how you want to end is vital in communicating your story effectively.

Join me in this power-packed episode as we dive into how you can write your own book with Steve Howard, who also goes by the pen name S.D Howard. Steve is an author, editor, and author coach, and he has been writing since he was 16. Steve shares real-life lessons from his writing experience to help you write a binge-able book that will provide your audience with value and an experience they will remember. He also explains different marketing strategies that you can employ and common pit holes you can avoid to make the most out of your book.

Time Stamps:

●     Steve’s backstory and journey in writing (01:26)

●     The intrigue of Steve’s book “The City of Snow and Stars” and his ongoing books (04:40)

●     What is developmental editing (09:17)

●     What is your writing process (11:25)

●     What exactly is a binge-able written book (14:06)

●     How do you go from concept to actually structure up the story outline (17:55)

●     Who is an author coach (22:46)

●     How many of the characters do you recommend (24:04)

●     How you’re raising money for the second edition (29:00)

●     What are your final thoughts (31:11)

●     How do you listeners start marketing themselves as authors, and what kind of mistakes do you see people make (33:17)

Guest Bio:

Author of Christian Fantasy. Developmental Editor. Story Coach. Entrepreneur. S. D. Howard helps authors create and polish their books through his work in the publishing industry and through his own platform at The Editing Bard. For years, Howard has devoted himself to helping authors put their best books forward.


Resources Mentioned:


The City of Snow and Stars


Connect With S.D Howard:

Email: sdhoward@theeditingbard.com

Website: https://sdhauthor.co/author-website

Important Links: https://linktr.ee/SDHoward


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_editing_bard/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa2MRrVq_7I-hNgjUDQ4Agw


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