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How to register a Medical Device in Israel? (Liat Nadel)



Registration of products in different countries is always a Challenge. And for Israel, this is the same.

I have invited Liat Nadel from L.S. Marketing & Registration to help us understand the situation and how to succeed in the registration process. We will talk also about the possibility to use registrations already done in Europe and the US to be able to accelerate the process.

Liat will also share with us the services that she will provide to be able to support you on this project.

Who is Liat Nadel?

Liat holds a  BA  Degree in Biologics  , Master of Law/ degree from Bar Ilan University Israel / a Jurist .  A multidisciplinary/ experienced professional in the medical device industry & has a rich background & in- depth knowledge, over 20 + years in Israel & worldwide.

Focus:  Regulatory Affairs, QMS,  Import-export, Business Development, Law.    Liat has managed RA departments in various medical devices companies in Israel such as Tzamal Medical Group, Omrix Biopharmaceuticals Ltd. / today J& J.

Liat also has vast experience in foreign relations (she speaks German, English, French Hebrew, Arabic).

Who is Monir El Azzouzi?

Monir El Azzouzi is a Medical Device Expert specialized in Quality and Regulatory Affairs.

After working for many years with a big Healthcare company and particularly Johnson and Johnson, he decided to create EasyMedicalDevice.com to help people have a better understanding of the Medical Device Regulations all over the world.

He now created the consulting firm Easy Medical Device GmbH and developed many ways to deliver knowledge through Videos, Podcast, Online courses…


How to register a Medical Device in Israel with Monir El Azzouzi and Liat Nadel

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