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How to Step Into Your True Self to Build Extraordinary Income and Live Your Best Life

Get Rid of Your Limiting Beliefs and Have the Life You Want

Season 1, episode 7
41 min / Published


Do you want to be successful? Rich? What about happy? How do you get the life you have always wanted? Many of us want these things and we work hard to get them. We find the gurus who tell us what we should do to BE successful and we forget to listen to ourselves. We compare ourselves to other which leads to further feelings of inadequacy.  

We are all individuals and have been given unique gifts. Only by Being your true authentic self will you have a truly fulfilling life. BE yourself and see how wonders unfold and dreams come true.

Join me in this wonderful and insightful episode, as Lynn Louise shares tips on how we can BE successful by simply BEing ourselves. Lynn is an author, an entrepreneur, and a coach who became an extraordinary success only to find that she had “climbed the wrong mountain.” She had done everything she was “supposed” to do until she felt like her world was coming part.

It was then that she chose to focus on her healing and get rid of the limited beliefs that were holding her back from true joy and fulfilment and from her purpose.

Guest Bio:

Lynn is currently a certified Master Hypnotherapist and the founder of The Cosmic Valkyrie. She also hosts a podcast, The Cosmic Valkyrie Podcast, where she helps entrepreneurs heal and let go of  limiting beliefs so that they can reach their goals.

Lynn Louise is a Certified Hypnotist from the National Guild of Hypnotists. She am a Master Certified 5-PATH® Certified Hypnotist and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Teacher.  She specializes in Informed Soul Techniques. She am a NASM certified Personal Trainer in Women’s Health, Fitness, and Nutrition, an Aromahead certified Aromatherapist, an AMI Meditation Guide, and a RRCC certified Reflexologist. 

For decades she has helped others come back into their beautiful body and  love and trust it once again. Her Rapid Recovery Method combines ancient healing, fitness, nutrition, and subconscious reprogramming to take you places you never thought possible.  Through her Evolution 10X masterclass, a method that involves Awareness, Alignment, and Ascension she helps you step into the person you were almost meant to be. It is a journey aimed at taking you from the anxieties and struggle of hard work and hustle into living in flow and ease with a purpose.

Learn how to master your thoughts and uplevel your consciousness, because when you do that everything you desire becomes possible.


Time Stamps:

●     Lynn’s history and healing journey (01:22)

●    Why is it important to find your purpose (07:22)

●     Society imposes its limiting beliefs too! (08:39)

●     Learn what the educational system does not teach; entrepreneurship (11:01)

●     How do you become yourself (11:25)?

●     Trust your subconscious mind-it is aligned with who you are (14:37)

●     Become who you were meant to be, not what you were told you should be (19:44)

●     Difference between manifesting what you want and knowing who you want to be (23:05)

●     What is Imposter Syndrome? (26:13)

●     About Lynn’s Evolution 10X masterclass and workshops (32:36)

●     How to connect with Lynn Louise and her final words of wisdom (37:57)

Associated Links:

 Video Version:


Blog: https://thebizessentials.com/cosmic-valkyrie

Connect With Lynn Louise:

Website: https://www.thecosmicvalkyrie.com/

Free 3 Day Workshop: https://www.thecosmicvalkyrie.com/registration-page

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecosmicvalkyrie/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lynnlouiselarson/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thecosmicvalkyrie/

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**Connect with Veronika**

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*****Thank you so much for listening. You can check out this episode and others at www.thebizessentials.com, a top-rated podcast that helps you BE Productive, BE successful, BE Joyful &, More Importantly, BE Yourself. Don’t forget to share!

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