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How to Structure a Real Estate Deal Like a Pro | Subto Breakout

Subto on the Wholesale Hotline!

19 min / Published

Has the metaphorical sh*t hit the fan? Not sure how to structure the deal? Listen to this exclusive Subto training on today's edition of the Wholesale Hotline (Subto Edition) to understand whether or not you need to comp a creative deal, why we often overthink deals, and Pace's secret first question to start any seller call.

Show notes:

  • Pace connects with his students Effie and Khaled, who are trying to work out a deal, but don't know how to structure it.
  • One of the options discussed is for the buyer to cover the cost of the real estate deal for a certain number of years, and then refinance, sell or pay off the property completely when the time comes.
  • Another option discussed is the "Morby method", where the buyer would receive a loan from a third party and the remaining equity would be sold or financed to the buyer.
  • The goal is to get the first and second position paid off and stop hemorrhaging, and the buyer would become immediately responsible for taxes, insurance, and repairs


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